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Hi! I‘m a former IT Product Designer with a goal to help other conscious businesses succeed in their visions.

If you’re doing something to better the lives of other people in an honest, heart-centered way, I most definitely want to work with you! Whether you’re a nutritionist, health coach, yoga instructor.. whatever it may be, you’re doing something to raise the global consciousness. Helping others who are doing things that align with my values keeps me motivated to deliver to the very best of my ability with love and attention to detail.

We hired Firoze to do our e-commerce website, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Rather than a simple redesign, Firoze helped us move our hosting, streamlined our processes and improved our SEO visibility. His work is modern, clean and user-friendly, allowing our customers to purchase products quickly and easily. Firoze gives accurate estimates – both on cost and time – and was able to take our vision and make it even better!

Firoze is an incredible talent. By simply describing a concept to him, he was able to create an expression that was completely aligned with my vision. He is easy to work with, communicates effectively and consulted me as often as needed to ensure the project was a collaboration. He is not a standard “web-designer”. He is a creative, committed, heart-centered visionary who I would recommend to my closest friends.

Firoze helped me with my website design and SEO visibility and I was very happy with his work. He communicated very efficiently with me throughout the whole process and the standard of work he produced was extremely high. Firoze is professional, hard-working and totally committed to what he does. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone!

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to start working with me on your next project!

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